About us

We are a group of Conference management Since 2016 and are exceptional in Providing event and conference management services. Zevent Group is a certified, global event planning and production and we focus on attendee engagement and achievement of organizational objectives. we utilize our global reach and resources to offer strategies that deliver value-added services for our clients, and we help in International conferences and seminars to educate the audience about their respective domains and help them to empower the upcoming knowledge


Our mission is to build a bridge between imagination and reality to turn ideas into actions combined with creativity which is the quality that is brought to the event


Our vision is that people everywhere will share that power of knowledge to drive a new era of development growth and productivity

What we do?

  • Events Management
  • Marketing &IT solutions
  • Designs & Production
  • CME programs

Our Services

  • Events Management (Full project management- Event planning
  • -registration management)
  • Marketing &IT solutions
  • Designs & Production
  • CME programs
  • Data Analysis
  • Meeting Audio Visual
  • Housing Travel

Marketing & it solutions

• Branding (creating your brand in consumers’ minds.)
• Advertising ) Social media Advertising (
• Digital Marketing )google Ads – Email campaingns – SMS campaingns )
• Web design &Development

Designs & Production

• Flags & Backpack
• Promotion Counter
• Pop-UP Counter
• Products catalogues Designs
• Roll-up Design
• POP-UP System
• Brochures & Flyers Designs
• Catalogue stand & Brochures Holder
• Booths Design & Manufacturing

Media production

• Videography
• 2D Motion
• Photography
• Screens
• Light System
• Sound system

Our Clients

Contacts information

Address: 28 Taghour st ,2nd floor –Azreta, Alexandria ,Egypt
Tel: 03 4833353
Mob: 01030021690 – 01099009398 – 01158588986